Website Visitor Recognition Software

LeadRebel® helps you to identify your website visitors. We show you, which companies have visited your website. LeadRebel® provides you with company information, contact persons and company contact details. Use our website visitor identification software to boost your B2B leads and drive your sales!

Website visitor identification - how does it work?

By integrating LeadRebel®-tracker you can deanonymize your web traffic. The integration of code is very simple: You can integrate the small script into your website and the tracking will start immediately. LeadRebel® analyzes your visitor IPs and based on this information the software identifies the companies, which are visiting your website. Website visitor tracking as simple as it gets!

Identify website visitors - data protection

Is using LeadRebel® for website visitor recognition compatible with GDPR? Yes! We only identify commercial (company) visitors. The visitor recognition does not take place at the personal level, but at the organizational level. LeadRebel® is 100% GDPR compliant. The company data is collected from open sources. You can read about results of legal audit here.

We are taking our data privacy and security duties very seriously and our website visitor identification software compatible with modern standards.

I’m interested in website visitors tracking - where do I start?

Sign up for a free trial version. We offer 14 days free trial, no credit card required. After quick registration, which just takes couple of minutes, you must integrate LeadRebel® tracker on your website. This is it! You can identify visitors of your website for free for two weeks and analyze their behavior. By identifying website visitors, you can increase the conversion rates of your web traffic and ad campaigns.

We offer the most price effective website visitor identification software, with user friendly interface, multi-user account, CRM integrations, various possibilities of exporting the data, in depth analytics of your website traffic and much more.

Website visitor identification software available features

Website visitor recognition

See which companies have visited your website. Deanonymize your web-traffic.

Tracking of activities on the website

Website visitor tracking enables you to better understand intentions of your visitors.

Videorecording of website visit

See how exactly your visitors interacted with your website by watching videorecording.

Detailed company information about every visitor-company

Company name, industry, geography, size, description and of course contact data!

List of company employees

Find out who is your ideal contact person in each company and identify their contact data.

Lead export as excel, PDF, ZIP file

Do you want to share your leads? Send them to your sales reps? No problem, there are various ways for that.

CRM and email campaign software integration

Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, ActiveCampaigns and many more APIs are integrated with LeadRebel®.

Flexible API, Zapier integration

Do you need any customer integration? No problem, use our API or Zapier to integrate with any third-party software.

up to 25% of your website traffic

your traffic conversion rates

Find out persons of interests within any company and their contact data

Track and analyze visitor behavior on your website, reduce bounce rate

Generate leads real time!

What our customers say about LeadRebel®:

Arno Bauer
Sales Manager WebIntelligence GmbH
Annett Lahm
Senior Marketing Manager Trinity Investments AG
Martin Schnatzer
Sales Manager Foxmedia AG