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What is LeadRebel®?

LeadRebel® is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool that shows you which commercial visitors have visited your site providing information about them. For each visitor, you can see the following information: company name, address, telephone number, email, company description, the company category and size, a list of employees.
LeadRebel® is a software that analyzes your web traffic, supports your sales team, and provides you with "warm" leads.

How can I use LeadRebel®?

To use LeadRebel®, you must register first. Click here for the free registration: https://leadrebel.io/signup. Next, you should use the LeadRebel® Tracker. You have to embed this on your website. Afterward, your account is ready to be used.

How can I follow up on LeadRebel® data?

How much does LeadRebel® cost?

You can use the full version of our website for 14 days free of charge.
Premium version price: 49 Euro per month (Lite), 99 Euro per month (Standard) and 299 Euro per month (Premium)

How do I pay for LeadRebel®?

You can pay by credit card and PayPal. More payment features will be integrated soon.

What do I need to make the most of LeadRebel®?

You need high-quality web traffic on your website. Without traffic, LeadRebel® cannot evaluate anything. If you need more traffic, you can contact us for help: https://leadrebel.io/#contact. Of course, you also need a sales team that deals with the leads.

Where does the company data come from?

Company data comes from open sources and corporate websites.

Where do the contact details of the employees come from?

The employee data displayed on LeadRebel® also come from open sources and can easily be found by searching the Internet.

How does LeadRebel® recognize which companies visited my website?

Our IP Tracker analyzes the IP of the visitor and determines which company the IP belongs to.

Can I export leads?

Yes, you can export leads as Excel data, PDF file, or mail. We are working on the integration of various CRMs and email services, and soon you will be able to export the leads in this way.

Are LeadRebel® GDPR compliant?

Yes, our software is GDPR compliant. Please note our privacy policy: https://leadrebel.io/privacy. We respect your data and privacy and make every effort to follow all GDPR guidelines.

Is my data safe?

Your data is encrypted in our database. No one but a very restricted circle of employees has access to it. We make every effort to improve our security standards to the best of our knowledge and belief so that no unauthorized person gains access to the data.

How can I close my account?

You can send a short email to info@leadrebel.io with the request to delete your account and data. Afterward, both your account and all data will be deleted.

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